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Vulnerability training

Find out more about the courses we offer to staff in financial services, energy, water and other creditor sectors.

Image of CCS award - Excellence in training 2020

Excellence in Training Winner 2020

The Money Advice Trust won the Excellence in Training award at the 2020 CCS awards.

The award recognises the impact of our training work with creditors to improve support for vulnerable customers.

Supporting customers in vulnerable circumstances

​Health, disability, unemployment, bereavement, domestic violence and addiction can all contribute to making someone more vulnerable.

Customers in vulnerable circumstances are especially susceptible to detriment. Your staff need to know how to identify and work with these customers in a way that is both consistent and fair.

This can have a positive impact on your ability to recover debts, employee morale and your reputation as a responsible organisation.

Course outline

Aim:  To help your staff understand the steps and actions they need to take in order to identify and work with customers in vulnerable circumstances.

Who is it for?  All front-line, customer-facing staff, management, specialist teams, back-office staff and relevant suppliers. 

Training options available  

Virtual classroom




What's covered?

  • Key factors that may impact on vulnerability and categories of vulnerability
  • Statutory principles under the Mental Capacity Act, including which individuals may act in a legal capacity for the person in debt
  • The TEXAS protocol for handling disclosure of sensitive personal information
  • The four points of the Compass technique as a tool for understanding the significance of the vulnerability presented
  • Different pathways for debtors to obtain free, independent, money advice

Benefits to you

  • Improve your reputation as a responsible organisation that treats customers fairly
  • Gain the skills, tools and confidence to handle customers in vulnerable circumstances fairly and consistently
  • Improve your debt recovery rates and broken repayment arrangements, and minimise the likelihood of additional costs
  • Meet your legal and regulatory responsibilities under the Mental Capacity Act and Data Protection Act
  • Supports all parts of your business (lending, customer service, fraud, retention, collections and digital)

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