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2018 was another busy year for the Trust as we helped people across the UK to tackle their debts and manage their money with confidence.

Our Outcomes Report 2018 outlines the impact of the Trust’s activity across our advice services, training and influencing work.
Helping people to tackle their debts

In 2018 National Debtline helped 98,890 people on the phone. We helped a further 54,050 people through our webchat service. In addition there were 1,371,590 visits to the National Debtline website.

Supporting small business owners

Business Debtline helped 34,490 small business owners and self-employed people over the phone and 16,880 via webchat. In addition there were 338,540 visits to the Business Debtline website.

Training the money advice sector

Wiseradviser provided 10,730 training places to 2,570 advisers in 820 free-to client
agencies across the UK. 4,250 advisers accessed e-learning and online resources.

Improving support for vulnerable customers

In 2018, we delivered training to 3,480 staff in 60 creditor organisations to help them improve how they work with people in vulnerable circumstances.
We have now trained more than 19,000 staff in more than 200 creditor organisations.

Influencing policy and practice

In 2018 we made progress on each of our four key influencing priorities – campaigning
for bailiff reform, improving government debt collection practices, ensuring an effective
Breathing Space scheme and influencing change for people in vulnerable circumstances.

Our approach to impact and theory of change

Our services put us in a unique position to understand why people fall into unmanageable debt and the challenges they face. Reviewing and evaluating the impact of our services is important to us. We use regular feedback from the people we help, across all our services and channels, to understand the impact we have and make improvements to our services. The framework we use to evaluate our impact is set out in our theory of change. This shows us how the Trust contributes to helping people across the UK to tackle their debts and manage their money with confidence.

It helps us to:

  • show exactly how our work makes a difference; and
  • demonstrate how our activities contribute to us achieving our overall vision.

Our high-level theory of change is as follows: 

To read more about how we measure our impact please see our Theory of Change.  
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Outcomes report 2018
Download the full Outcomes report
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