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Our impact and annual reports

​As the Trust turns 25, find out how we helped 1.3 million people last year to tackle their debts and manage their money with confidence, either directly through our services, or indirectly through our adviser training.

25 image.pngWe have achieved these results by changing our services – and our organisation – to meet new challenges, and for the first time in 2015 National Debtline helped more people online than by phone, including through our new webchat service. Business Debtline has expanded to meet the rising demand from small business owners, and we have continued to grow our Wiseradviser training programme for advisers, and our training for firms.

We are also working more closely with other debt advice organisations than ever before, to improve the client journey. As the Treasury consults on the future of public financial guidance from 2018, we stand ready to play our part in helping the sector to work even more closely together for the benefit of people in debt.

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National Debtline

Last year, our National Debtline service provided 178,700 advice sessions to 128,040 people by phone, and 386,910 sessions to 267,936 people online. We are improving the client journey by implementing a new CRM by developing an online portal, and through our new webchat service, which provided 32,533 advice sessions last year. We expanded our phone service to Northern Ireland and made improvements to our websites, helping users could find information quicker.

NDL key impact.png

Business Debtline

Business Debtline provides advice and resources for self-employed people and small businesses. Last year we provided 29,651 advice sessions to 21,325 people on the phone, as well as 43,164 advice sessions to 31,262 people online. We improved the client journey through our new and enhanced our insight into our client’s needs. Through our new Business webchat facility we further expanded the way clients can get help from us. The Business Debtline service also extended to Northern Ireland, and we made structure, content and design improvements to the website to allow users to find information faster.

BDL key impact.png


Our online and face-to-face training and resources for advisers provided 7,587 training places to debt advisers across the UK, with 4,395 accessing training and resources via the Wiseradviser website. This included:

  • Advisers in 891 organisations providing free-to-client debt advice completed Wiseradviser training
  • Eight new courses were launched, including two face-to-face workshops
  • Four bite-sized e-learning modules were launched as well as an online game. To register for e-learning please visit
  • 97 organisations received guiding people to free debt advice workshop materials

WA key impact.png

Training for firms

Last year, vulnerability and mental health training was delivered to 3,000 staff at more than 95 creditor organisations, enabling them to better support their customers in vulnerable circumstances.

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Innovation Grants

The Trust’s Innovation Grants support projects that aim to produce lessons, insights and materials which can be shared more widely to help individuals or small businesses deal with the debts and improve the UK’s money environment. Recently funded projects include:

  • Talking Money’s Future Money project combined debt advice and financial capability (FC) delivery into one holistic service and created a toolkit along with other resources that enable others to replicate their work.
  • DeafPLUS – used existing internet video platforms (Skype and Facetime) to create a national money and debt advice service to the Deaf community while helping us appreciate the barriers this community faces to accessing financial services.
  • Hyde Plus (part of the Hyde Group). Their BE Secure project is supporting housing association tenants who are under 35 and working poor. The project aims to improve engagement by adopting the principles of behavioural economics to nudge clients into making positive financial decisions.
  • Changeworks – one of Scotland’s largest environmental Charities – formed a partnership with VOCAL (Voice of Carers Across Lothian – a charity supporting carers), to deliver a project that enabled carers to better manage their energy use and tackle fuel debt issues. 

Innovation Grants.png

Our impact 2016

You can download the full impact report and also watch our short film above.

To read more about our client surveys and how we measure our impact please see our Survey Results Methodology, and Theory of Change below.

Our theory of change
Our theory of change sets how the Trust contributes to helping people across the UK to tackle their debts and manage their money with confidence. It shows the pathway from our day-to-day activities to the outcomes we aim to achieve, and the changes that we want to influence. It helps us to:
  • show exactly how our work makes a difference; and
  • demonstrate how our activities contribute to us achieving our overall vision.
Read more about our theory of change.



Impact report 2016
Download the full impact report.
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