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Our debt advice services

We ensure that high quality, free, and independent advice is available across the UK through our telephone and online advice services.

Our advice service has been operational since 1986.
Our advice service specifically for self-employed people and company owners/directors.

Our model of debt advice is called assisted self-help.  Basically, people are given the support, information and tools to solve their debt problems themselves. By following this method, we not only help people with existing debt problems, but also prevent further debt problems from arising in the future. By encouraging people to help themselves with their debt problem, we help them to manage their money with confidence and keep to a sustainable household budget.

Our research shows that people who speak to National Debtline and Business Debtline advisers are less likely to have debt problems in the future and feel more capable of managing their finances.

We recognise that not everyone is suitable for an assisted self-help approach, but where it is appropriate, we believe it is the most effective way to help people tackle their debts both in the short and long term, and where it is not appropriate we are happy to help people find a more suitable form of advice.

Referring to us

Lots of other organisations refer people in need of debt advice to us. You can find out more how to refer to our services on these pages.

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