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Influencing policy and practice

The Trust is in a unique position at the heart of the money advice sector – advising the public, training advisers and working with creditors to improve practice.

We believe that this unique position means we have a responsibility to help guide policy and practice in a way that improves outcomes for people in debt, the advice sector and creditors alike.
An important part of achieving our vision to help people across the UK to tackle their debts and manage their money with confidence is to ensure our extensive experience of working with people and small businesses in debt helps to influence policy change.
Thoughts at the Trust
Read more of our thinking on topical policy debates on our Thoughts at the Trust blog, with insight, comment and opinion from the debt advice front-line.
Consultation responses
As part of our policy work we respond to a large number of debt-related consultations conducted by government departments, agencies, regulators and other bodies.
We are working with government, regulators and creditors in a number of areas including:
  • bailiff reform through the Taking Control campaign
  • public sector debt collection including through Stop The Knock
  • vulnerability across a wide range of creditor sectors
  • breathing space and statutory debt repayment plans
  • regulation of consumer credit, including high cost credit, credit cards and overdrafts
Meg van Rooyen
Policy Manager
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