A decade in debt

In September 2018 the Money Advice Trust published A decade in debt, a new report which looks at how debt problems have changed in the 10 years since the financial crisis.

Debt problems are not only changing, but growing – we expect 2018 to see the highest level of demand at National Debtline in five years. Find out more and download a copy of the report below.

Our new report, A decade in debt looks at how debt problems in the UK have changed in the 10 years since the financial crisis. Ten years ago a typical caller to National Debtline was struggling to pay credit cards and personal loans. Today, callers are struggling with smaller but trickier debts, usually on everyday household bills.
The report presents trends as we have seen them at National Debtline across different debt types – consumer credit, housing debts, council tax, energy, water and telecoms arrears and benefit and tax credit overpayments – as well a series of recommendations for government, regulators, creditors and the advice sector.
Published September 2018
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