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New Impact Statement launched

We are delighted to launch our new 2014 Impact Statement.

Click the link below to download a copy.

Money Advice Trust Impact Statement 2014.pdfMoney Advice Trust Impact Statement 2014.pdf

  • We helped  almost one million people directly (through our client services and indirectly through training advisers who helped people)
  • 82% of NDL users felt more in control and knowledgeable following our advice
  • 54% of BDL callers were able to overcome their immediate problems and continue to trade
  • 79% of advisers using Wiseradviser training found it improved their knowledge of money advice substantially
A selection of quotes from users:
  • 'Your services helped me to stop being afraid to handle my own finances and to pay my debts' (BDL user)
  • 'Your staff were non judgemental, knowledgeable and very helpful, I can sleep at night now' (NDL user)
  • 'Your training means I am confident I am following the correct procedures' (Wiseradviser user)
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