• Money Advice Trust welcomes strengthened Prompt Payment Code - 19/Jan/2021
  • Continued bailiff activity a risk to public health, warn charities - 14/Jan/2021
  • Charity welcomes proposed improvements to Debt Relief Orders - 12/Jan/2021
  • Latest lockdown help for businesses welcome but support for those excluded more pressing than ever - 05/Jan/2021
  • Money Advice Trust responds to extension of Government Covid-19 business loan schemes - 17/Dec/2020
  • 4 in 10 self-employed expect Covid income shock to last more than a year - 08/Dec/2020
  • Money Advice Trust welcomes new Vulnerability Commitment for the energy sector - 01/Dec/2020
  • Baroness Tyler of Enfield appointed new Money Advice Trust President and Otto Thoresen as an Ambassador - 26/Nov/2020
  • More help for household budgets needed as part of ‘economic emergency’ support - 25/Nov/2020
  • Money Advice Trust wins ‘Excellence in Training’ award - 25/Nov/2020
  • Money Advice Trust named ‘Debt advice provider of the year’ - 06/Nov/2020
  • Furlough extension welcome but certainty needed ‘well beyond’ the short-term ​ - 05/Nov/2020
  • Money Advice Trust and MALG launch new guidance on vulnerability and GDPR - 04/Nov/2020
  • Call for government to level up debt collection practices to address ‘widespread unfairness’ - 02/Nov/2020
  • Payment deferrals extension welcome but action needed for renters and self-employed - 02/Nov/2020
  • More help for the self-employed, but Universal Credit change must be extended too - 02/Nov/2020
  • Charity calls for ‘full review of debt options’ in the wake of Covid-19 - 28/Oct/2020
  • Money Advice Trust responds to launch of review into water affordability - 22/Oct/2020
  • Money Advice Trust responds to Ofgem’s new consumer protections - 19/Oct/2020
  • Money Advice Trust responds to ‘Financial Wellbeing and Covid’ report - 15/Oct/2020
  • Joanna Elson awarded CBE for services to people in financial difficulty - 10/Oct/2020
  • Money Advice Trust responds to expansion of Job Support Scheme - 09/Oct/2020
  • Changes to debt collection letters welcome as calls for broader reform grow - 07/Oct/2020
  • Wage subsidies welcome but ‘equally bold’ action needed on household costs - 24/Sep/2020
  • FCA’s consumer credit proposals welcome – but credit rating protections needed beyond October - 16/Sep/2020
  • FCA’s proposals “may not be enough” to prevent serious mortgage difficulty beyond October - 26/Aug/2020
  • Financial hardship concerns remain unaddressed as bailiff visits resume - 24/Aug/2020
  • Short-term relief for renters, but bailiff visits still set to resume - 21/Aug/2020
  • Changes to council tax rules ‘needed now’ as pre-crisis arrears reaches £3.6bn - 19/Aug/2020
  • FCA ‘right to challenge firms’ to improve on vulnerability - 29/Jul/2020
  • Debt advice charities call for action to protect consumers from bad practice by IVA providers - 20/Jul/2020
  • Debt charity welcomes May launch for Breathing Space scheme - 15/Jul/2020
  • Plan for jobs must be matched by a plan for tackling household debt - 08/Jul/2020
  • FCA extends relief measures, but high cost short term credit customers remain less protected - 03/Jul/2020
  • Reform of government debt collection needed ‘now more than ever’ - 29/Jun/2020
  • Charities call for council tax reform ahead of August debt D-Day - 25/Jun/2020
  • FCA ‘right to give more time’ to consumer credit customers impacted by Covid-19 - 19/Jun/2020
  • Debt charity raises alarm on impersonator firms following FCA warnings - 16/Jun/2020
  • Government and industry recognise ‘central role’ of debt advice in Covid-19 recovery - 09/Jun/2020
  • Relief for millions of self-employed people, but gaps in support remain unaddressed - 29/May/2020
  • Extended mortgage help ‘must be followed by support for renters’ - 22/May/2020
  • Urgent action needed to help millions struggling with Covid-19 council tax debt - 21/May/2020
  • Workers will breathe ‘sigh of relief’ after furlough extension – now self-employed people need the same certainty - 12/May/2020
  • Centre for Social Justice report ‘makes powerful case’ for Government Debt Management Bill - 27/Apr/2020
  • Government bans bailiff visits during Covid-19, as charities call for further action on council tax - 27/Apr/2020
  • Government must act to ‘close the gaps’ in Covid-19 financial support - 20/Apr/2020
  • FCA action for motor finance and high cost credit customers welcome, but ‘questions remain’ - 17/Apr/2020
  • Call for FCA to ‘close the gaps’ in its Covid-19 consumer credit measures - 06/Apr/2020
  • FCA ‘right to step in’ on consumer credit - but measures must cover all forms of borrowing - 02/Apr/2020
  • Relief for the self-employed, but dedicated hardship fund ‘needed now’ - 26/Mar/2020
  • Information on the Money Advice Trust’s response to Coronavirus - 25/Mar/2020
  • Bailiff action ‘must be suspended’ during Covid-19 outbreak - 25/Mar/2020
  • Self-employed incomes are ‘falling like a stone’ as a result of Covid-19 - 24/Mar/2020
  • Action on jobs and wages a ‘big, bold move’ to support household finances through Covid-19 - 20/Mar/2020
  • ‘Rescue package’ needed to help household finances cope with Covid-19 - 19/Mar/2020
  • Coronavirus Budget provides short-term boost – but debt problems likely to increase - 11/Mar/2020
  • Late payments are ‘business as usual’ for small businesses in difficulty - 26/Feb/2020
  • Charities launch new guide to help creditors support customers with mental health and debt problems - 19/Feb/2020
  • Cross party group urges Government to act on bailiff reform - 17/Feb/2020
  • Money Advice Trust responds to FCA’s letter to credit card firms - 03/Feb/2020
  • Debt charity welcomes ban on gambling with credit cards - 14/Jan/2020
  • 'Inclusive design’ in essential services to be explored in new partnership - 03/Dec/2019
  • Money Advice Trust launches new vulnerability guide for car dealerships - 14/Nov/2019
  • New Debt and Mental Health Evidence Form launched - 01/Oct/2019
  • Money Advice Trust appoints Lucy Malenczuk and Laurence Burgess as new trustees - 13/Sep/2019
  • Local councils sent 2.6 million debts to bailiffs in 2018/19 - 11/Sep/2019
  • FCA issues warning about ‘clone firm’ impersonating National Debtline - 20/Aug/2019
  • FCA sends ‘clear signal’ for firms to do more on vulnerability - 23/Jul/2019
  • Body-worn cameras "not nearly enough" to resolve bailiff problems on their own - 22/Jul/2019
  • Breathing Space scheme 'a game-changer' for people struggling with debt - 19/Jun/2019
  • Increased focus on vulnerability ‘must lead to action’ from energy industry - 13/Jun/2019
  • Debt charity welcomes overdraft changes - 07/Jun/2019
  • Energy firms ‘under the spotlight’ to urgently improve support for vulnerable customers - 31/May/2019
  • Vulnerability requires 'constant focus' from creditors - 13/May/2019
  • Debt charity welcomes government commitment to improve fairness in debt collection - 07/May/2019
  • ‘Time has come’ for independent bailiff regulation - 11/Apr/2019
  • Review of Council Tax arrears collection welcomed - 11/Apr/2019
  • New free guide launches to help people deal with their debts - 09/Apr/2019
  • FCA’s rent-to-own price cap a ‘welcome move’ - 05/Mar/2019
  • Money Advice Trust comments on FCA’s findings on the motor finance sector - 04/Mar/2019
  • Debt charity welcomes the end of GP charges for mental health evidence - 21/Feb/2019
  • Majority of people surveyed back call for bailiff regulation as 'government action is long overdue' - 15/Feb/2019
  • Success of new breathing space scheme 'critically dependent' on including debts owed to government - 29/Jan/2019
  • Banks’ plans to introduce gambling spending blocks a ‘welcome step forward’ - 04/Jan/2019
  • Overdraft shake-up welcome but price cap ‘should remain on the table’ - 18/Dec/2018
  • Action needed for small businesses to stop ‘domino effect’ of late payments - 29/Nov/2018
  • New call for evidence provides ‘welcome opportunity’ for much-needed bailiff reform - 26/Nov/2018
  • Rent-to-own price cap shows FCA ‘taking problems with high-cost credit seriously’ - 22/Nov/2018
  • New research reveals realities of providing debt advice to some of the UK’s most vulnerable people - 14/Nov/2018
  • Rising self-employment comes at a cost for tens of thousands in debt - 05/Nov/2018
  • ‘Welcome action’ on tackling problem debt - 29/Oct/2018
  • Money Advice Trust appoints Vineeta Manchanda and Rebecca Wilkie as new trustees - 10/Sep/2018
  • NAO report on problem debt ‘hits the nail on the head’ - 06/Sep/2018
  • ‘Smaller but trickier’ debts causing problems for households as demand for debt advice rises - 03/Sep/2018
  • Money Advice Trust launches revamped CASHflow tool - 22/Aug/2018
  • Households need to prepare now for the 'new normal' of higher interest rates - 02/Aug/2018
  • Treasury Select Committee report places household finances higher on the agenda - 26/Jul/2018
  • New research published on supporting business customers in vulnerable circumstances - 19/Jul/2018
  • FCA’s decision to retain existing definition of vulnerability is ‘the right approach’ - 17/Jul/2018
  • Money Advice Trust helps more people in 2017 as demand continues to increase - 28/Jun/2018
  • FCA measures on high-cost credit welcome – but further action 'must remain on the table' - 31/May/2018
  • Decision to step back from logbook loan reform ‘deeply disappointing’ - 16/May/2018
  • New training launched to support customers with mental capacity limitations - 14/Mar/2018
  • New research published into experiences of people in debt who self-negotiate with creditors - 13/Mar/2018
  • New research on debt advice and vulnerability launched - 01/Mar/2018
  • Rising insolvencies reflect ‘challenging times’ but raise questions on regulation too - 26/Jan/2018
  • Debt advice funding review published at ‘pivotal moment’ for sector - 25/Jan/2018
  • Advice and staff training ‘crucial’ to help prevent escalation of gambling related issues - 23/Jan/2018
  • ‘More to be done’ to support small businesses with energy debts - 18/Jan/2018
  • Call to ‘make a plan’ for next Christmas as households feel New Year hangover - 02/Jan/2018
  • Focus on early intervention welcome, but FCA ‘could go further’ on persistent credit card debt - 14/Dec/2017
  • Britons worrying about money every day as more people put Christmas on credit - 06/Dec/2017
  • Money Advice Trust wins Best Training Provider at Credit Strategy’s CCS Awards - 23/Nov/2017
  • Financial struggles for many households set to continue - 22/Nov/2017
  • Council bailiff use jumps 14 percent in two years - 14/Nov/2017
  • Government’s ‘clear commitment’ on financial inclusion welcomed - 08/Nov/2017
  • Vulnerability remains a ‘welcome’ high priority for FCA - 06/Nov/2017
  • Rate rise could be ‘turning point’ for many stretched households - 02/Nov/2017
  • Breathing space scheme ‘must include public sector creditors’ - 24/Oct/2017
  • Money Advice Trust shortlisted for Best Training Provider of the Year - 18/Oct/2017
  • FCA highlights eight percent of UK adults have not paid bills in three of the last six months - 18/Oct/2017
  • New guide for energy suppliers on vulnerability and mental health - 09/Oct/2017
  • New training aims to improve support for customers with addictions - 06/Sep/2017
  • Small businesses can now get advice from Business Debtline until 8pm Monday-Friday - 04/Sep/2017
  • FCA "right to turn its attention" to other forms of high cost credit - 31/Jul/2017
  • Debt problems expected to increase - 28/Jul/2017
  • Senior industry leaders join the Board of the Money Advice Trust - 18/Jul/2017
  • Money Advice Trust launches 2016 impact report as demand for demand advice grows - 30/Jun/2017
  • Money Advice Trust announces new Innovation Grants projects - 24/Apr/2017
  • FCA 'right to focus on earlier intervention' from credit card providers - 03/Apr/2017
  • 'More to do' to support customers in vulnerable circumstances - 31/Mar/2017
  • Charity welcomes “call-to-arms” on financial exclusion - 25/Mar/2017
  • New vulnerability research published, as the Trust launches latest e-learning - 21/Mar/2017
  • Bailiff reforms "not working", say charities - 14/Mar/2017
  • 'Year of pressure' ahead for many households - 08/Mar/2017
  • Rising insolvencies point to tougher times ahead - 27/Jan/2017
  • ‘Slow but powerful’ squeeze ahead for household budgets - 17/Jan/2017
  • Money Advice Trust appoints Adrian Keasey and Anna Bennett as Trustees - 16/Jan/2017
  • Debt charity welcomes review of GP charges for debt evidence form - 09/Jan/2017
  • Concern as consumer credit continues to soar - 04/Jan/2017
  • Budgeting call as households fear difficult January ahead - 03/Jan/2017
  • Money worries ‘put Christmas at risk’ for up to five million Britons - 05/Dec/2016
  • Nearly half a million young people ‘struggling with mobile phone bills’ - 30/Nov/2016
  • Money Advice Trust wins Debt Advice Provider of the Year - 25/Nov/2016
    ​The Money Advice Trust was announced as the winner of Debt Advice Provider of the Year in Credit Strategy magazine’s Collections and Customer Service Awards on Thursday 24th November 2016
  • Household squeeze on the way - 23/Nov/2016
    ​Money Advice Trust comments on Autumn Statement 2016 and OBR forecasts.​
  • Helpline Employee of the Year success for National Debtline - 08/Nov/2016
    ​National Debtline’s Angela Clarke was announced as winner of the Helpline Awards 2016 Helpline Employee of the Year category, at the Helplines Partnership Annual Conference on Friday 4th November 2016.
  • FCA ‘right to look again’ at overdraft charges - 03/Nov/2016
    ​Money Advice Trust comments on FCA response to CMA retail banking market investigation.
  • Two thirds of young people borrow from ‘invisible safety net’ of family and friends - 02/Nov/2016
    ​Two thirds of 18 to 24 year olds are borrowing from an ‘invisible safety net’ of family and friends, including to help them cover basic living costs, according to new research from National Debtline, run by the Money Advice Trust.
  • Worrying increase in insolvency trends, warns debt charity - 28/Oct/2016
    ​The Insolvency Service has today (28 October 2016) published insolvency statistics from July to September 2016, which show that total individual insolvencies increased for the fifth consecutive quarter, driven primarily by an increase in individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs).
  • Money Advice Trust shortlisted for Debt Advice Provider of the Year - 13/Oct/2016
    ​The Money Advice Trust has been shortlisted for Debt Advice Provider of the Year in the Collections and Customer Service Awards.
  • Nearly a third of students borrow outside of their student loan, as half worry about money - 24/Sep/2016
    ​National Debtline research shows 31% of students aged 18 to 24 already hold non-student loan debts, owing an average of £3,409.
  • ‘Whole-society’ approach needed to tackle financial exclusion - 14/Sep/2016
  • Young people borrowing and worrying – but too few seek advice - 30/Aug/2016
  • CMA measures ‘unlikely to go far enough’ on overdraft charges - 09/Aug/2016
  • Stop The Knock shortlisted for Communications Campaign of the Year - 05/Aug/2016
  • Base rate cut ‘should be kept in perspective’ - 04/Aug/2016
  • Upward trend in insolvencies “likely to continue” - 28/Jul/2016
  • Action on ‘persistent’ credit card debts welcomed - 26/Jul/2016
  • Help to Save scheme 'should go further' - 21/Jul/2016
  • Money Advice Trust shortlisted for Charity of the Year - 18/Jul/2016
  • Higher level of borrowing risks leaving many households 'exposed' in wake of Brexit vote - 05/Jul/2016
  • Money Advice Trust helped 1.3 million people in 2015 - 04/Jul/2016
  • Money Advice Trust appoints three new Ambassadors - 27/Jun/2016
  • Debt and mental health problems often ‘inextricably linked’ - 13/Jun/2016
  • New vulnerability guidance for debt and money advisers - 06/Jun/2016
  • New guidance launched on bankruptcy and foreign issues - 02/Jun/2016
  • More people benefit from Debt Relief Orders - 29/Apr/2016
  • Council bailiff use ‘should end’ for the most vulnerable - 11/Apr/2016
  • Adam Sharples appointed Chair of the Money Advice Trust - 07/Apr/2016
  • Tax and savings changes welcome but spectre of household debt remains - 16/Mar/2016
  • Deane Review right to highlight ‘support gap’ for self-employed - 15/Feb/2016
  • ‘Clear evidence’ that changes to Debt Relief Orders are working - 29/Jan/2016
  • New concern for Britons likely to be at the sharp end of interest rate rises - 14/Jan/2016
  • 2.5 million plan to seek advice about money, as Christmas overspending bites - 06/Jan/2016
  • Borrowing up this Christmas, as one in four feel pressure to overspend - 08/Dec/2015
  • Relief over tax credits, but financial positions still precarious - 25/Nov/2015
  • National Debtline recognised at the Helplines Partnership Awards - 24/Nov/2015
  • More new businesses, as Business Debtline warns of ‘support gap’ - 24/Nov/2015
  • FCA ‘right to be concerned’ over minimum payments - 03/Nov/2015
  • ‘No room for complacency’ as unsecured borrowing grows - 29/Oct/2015
  • Pension freedom ‘clarity needed’ - 26/Oct/2015
  • Money Advice Trust celebrates Living Wage commitment - 22/Oct/2015
  • Money Advice Trust and Step Change Debt Charity respond to government amendment to the Finance Bill - 16/Oct/2015
  • Local authorities refer 2.1 million debts to bailiffs in 12 months - 27/Aug/2015
  • Money Advice Trust and Experian work together to increase understanding of people in debt - 24/Aug/2015
  • Risk of ‘false comfort’ for borrowers - 06/Aug/2015
  • Rising rents and coming interest rate rise will put budgets under pressure - 31/Jul/2015
  • Downward trend in insolvencies welcome but borrowing set to rise - 29/Jul/2015
  • Many mortgage-payers living in ‘false sense of security’ - 27/Jul/2015
  • Mark Carney’s comments mean households ‘urgently need financial healthcheck’ - 17/Jul/2015
  • Action on low pay welcome, but budget gaps set to grow - 08/Jul/2015
  • New debt workshop materials to help many more access free debt advice - 02/Jul/2015
  • 1.2 million helped last year by Money Advice Trust - 01/Jul/2015
  • Fee-charging debt management industry “has been tested and found wanting” - 25/Jun/2015
  • New research looks at the cost of being self-employed - 10/Jun/2015
  • Innovation grants applications now open - 08/Jun/2015
  • FCA action against rogue debt management companies - 21/May/2015
  • Awards success for Business Debtline adviser Dawn Jennings - 15/May/2015
  • Personal insolvencies continue to decline - 29/Apr/2015
  • Two advisers nominated at the 2015 Credit Today Awards - 27/Mar/2015
  • Budget 2015: Welcome measures for some households and the self-employed, but questions remain - 18/Mar/2015
  • CMA’s action on payday lending ‘good news for the consumer’ - 24/Feb/2015
  • Money Advice Trust comments on FCA report on vulnerable consumers - 23/Feb/2015
  • Wiseradviser training courses gain full Money Advice Service accreditation - 11/Feb/2015
  • Insolvencies reach lowest level in nearly a decade - 29/Jan/2015
  • Thousands making midnight pleas for help as debt worries mount - 19/Jan/2015
  • Money Advice Trust welcomes debt solution improvements - 15/Jan/2015
  • Warning as Britons put Christmas on credit - 08/Dec/2014
  • Money Advice Trust comments on FCA’s action on credit brokers - 01/Dec/2014
  • 12-step guide for lenders on treating vulnerable customers fairly - 19/Nov/2014
  • Over a quarter of borrowers expect financial difficulties when interest rates rise - 24/Sep/2014
    ​​Over a quarter of people with a mortgage (27%) say they will be in financial trouble when interest rates rise.
  • New Impact Statement launched - 09/Jul/2014
  • Changing Household Budgets - 10/Jun/2014
  • Wiseradviser courses get the Skillsmark - 16/May/2014
    Training courses in England and Wales have been awarded prestigious independent approval
  • The Trust appoints a new Head of Contact Centre - 02/May/2014
    ​Sue Warner joined on 28th April
  • Warning over IVAs - 29/Apr/2014
    ​The Trust is concerned that an increase in IVAs reflects the income generation models of some debt management companies
  • The Trust appoints a new Head of Insight and Engagement - 10/Apr/2014
    ​Jane Tully joins on 23rd April
  • New rules for bailiffs - 04/Apr/2014
    ​Focus on bailiffs is welcome but an opportunity for thorough industry reform has been missed.
  • The Money Advice Trust publishes new CFS trigger figures - 01/Apr/2014
    ​Trigger figures' annual update must be used by license holders by 1st June 
  • There's a new National Debtline website - 31/Mar/2014
    ​A new site to help millions tackle their debts
  • The Trust wins a Golden Hedgehog Award - 21/Mar/2014
    ​Our work with bailiffs and local authorities is 'not-for-profit campaign of the year'
  • Comment on new consumer credit rules - 28/Feb/2014
    ​The Money Advice Trust welcomes the publication of the FCA's consumer credit rulebook
  • Business Debtline and npower win award - 16/Dec/2013
    ​Business Debtline and npower win 'treating customers fairly' award at the Credit Today Utilities and Telecoms Awards
  • Rent arrears the fastest growing UK debt problem - 12/Dec/2013
    ​Calls for help with rent arrears are up 150 per cent since 2007
  • A further review of business rates is required - 05/Dec/2013
    ​The Chancellor's cap on business rate rises is welcome but much more could be done to help the UK's struggling SMEs
  • The Money Advice Trust welcomes a new Chair and appoints a new Trustee - 02/Dec/2013
    ​Gail Scott-Spicer joins the Trust's board and Mike Barley is confirmed as Chair. 
  • Smartphone contracts driving debt - 11/Nov/2013
    ​Calls for help with telephone debts have increased sharply
  • Local Authorities in England and Wales refer 1.8 million debts to bailiffs in 12 months - 22/Aug/2013
    Local authorities across England and Wales have referred debts to bailiffs on 1.8 million occasions in the last 12 months.
  • The Money Advice Trust appoints new trustees - 15/Jul/2013
    ​Tracey Bleakley and Simon Crine join the board
  • Minister hosts payday loans summit - 01/Jul/2013
    ​The Money Advice Trust comments on its attendance at payday loans ministerial summit.
  • New guidelines for local authorities and bailiffs - 17/Jun/2013
    ​The Trust comments on new guidelines for local authorities and bailiffs.  Success will depend on implementation of the guidelines.
  • Mike Barley appointed Chair Designate of the Money Advice Trust - 24/May/2013
    ​Mike will work with Martin Hall on a handover until November
  • Declining rate of insolvency down to bankruptcy fees - 03/May/2013
    ​Many face 'financial black hole' as a result of £700 cost of bankruptcy
  • 94 percent increase in payday loan calls reported - 27/Feb/2013
    ​Regulators must protect consumers from persistent bad practice as NDL reports a 94 per cent increase in payday loans calls
  • More to be done to help small businesses - 01/Feb/2013
    ​Business Debtline comments on 2012 insolvency figures
  • Bankruptcy fees leave people in 'financial black hole' - 01/Feb/2013
    ​The Money Advice Trust comments on 2012 personal insolvency figures
  • A record year for council tax debts - 25/Jan/2013
    ​MAT urges local authorities to improve debt collection practices
  • MAT comments on changes to the bailiff sector - 25/Jan/2013
    ​Little actual impact anticipated as a result of the announcements, representing a missed opportunity
  • Deal with your debts this January - 14/Jan/2013
    National Debtline has taken over 150,000 calls for credit card help in the last ten Januarys
  • New rules to help struggling pub landlords - 08/Jan/2013
    ​Business Debtline comments on BIS announcement of new rules to help struggling pub landlords.
  • MAT warns of rent debt spiral - 18/Oct/2012
    Figures released today by debt advice charity the Money Advice Trust demonstrate the extent to which rent price increases are affecting households across the UK
  • The Trust comments on payday loans - 25/Jul/2012
    ​National Debtline took 9,500 calls for help with payday loans in the first six months of 2012
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