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Deane Review right to highlight ‘support gap’ for self-employed

​The recommendations of a government-commissioned review of self-employment, conducted by business owner Julie Deane, have been welcomed by the Money Advice Trust, the charity behind Business Debtline.

The newly-published report makes several recommendations on how the self-employed can be better supported, including better education, more accessible advice and support and the need for more flexible financial solutions.

The Money Advice Trust in particular welcomed calls for “a central portal from which to navigate impartial support and services available to the self-employed”, which echo its own concerns over the ‘support gap’ facing this key group. 
Jane Tully, head of insight and engagement at the Money Advice Trust, the charity that runs Business Debtline, said:
“Julie Deane is absolutely right to highlight the need for more accessible advice and support for self-employed people.  This is particularly important in those first few weeks and months, when the right support and guidance can mean the difference between triumph and disaster.
“Business Debtline can offer free, independent debt advice to any self-employed person who is struggling to cope – but many of these problems could be prevented from arising in the first place.  A central portal of advice and support is perhaps the single biggest thing the government could do to help this key section of the labour market.”
The Money Advice Trust’s recent Cost of Doing Business research highlighted the challenges facing self-employed people in financial difficulty, with many paying a high personal cost for business financial problems and showing a worrying lack of financial resilience in the form of savings or pension provision.
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