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New partnership with Capitalise goes live

​​This week we are extremely excited to launch our new partnership with the Capitalise group of organisations, managed and led by Toynbee Hall, which has been funded by the Money Advice Service to deliver free face-to-face debt advice as part of a wider advice programme across Greater London.

Capitalise is formed of 27 partners, including several Citizen Advice Bureaux, Community Links, the Royal Courts of Justice Advice Bureau and other local advice providers.  Over the coming year, these organisations expect to support 23,000 Londoners who are struggling with unmanageable debt.

We are delighted that Toynbee Hall has chosen the Money Advice Trust as one of its partners to extend this important work, in a move that will see some of these clients referred to our free National Debtline, Business Debtline and My Money Steps services.  This is a great example of charities and advice agencies working together to ensure that people struggling with debt receive the help and support they need, in the manner most appropriate to their needs.

Face-to-face debt advice plays a crucial role and the Capitalise partner organisations are doing terrific work in delivering this service in every London borough.  We also know, however, that for many clients, receiving advice by telephone or online will be the most appropriate option.  This is where the Money Advice Trust (through our National Debtline service) will play a crucial role – in addition to providing access to specialist advice to those Capitalise clients who own small businesses through Business Debtline.

Our new dedicated phone lines are ringing already.

By working with other organisations such as Toynbee Hall and the wider Capitalise Partnership, we are pleased to be playing an even greater part in the sector’s overall mission to ensure that everyone struggling with debt accesses the free advice they need.

You can find out more about Toynbee Hall’s work on debt advice and the Capitalise Partnership here.
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