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A new National Debtline website

A couple of weeks ago we quietly launched a new National Debtline website. Despite the ‘quiet’ launch this is one of the biggest steps forward the service has taken in many years, and we are now ready to shout about it. 
Our plan over the next three years is to help more people, more effectively. Providing better, more accessible, and more innovative resources online will play a major role in achieving this.
When National Debtline first  started taking calls in 1986 (then called Housing Debtline) many people questioned whether or not it was possible to make an important and positive difference in people’s lives over the phone. 28 years later with millions of people helped those arguments now seem redundant. We know that some people still need that vital face-to-face help, and that face-to-face advice services must be preserved, but we also know many people can benefit just the same from telephone advice.
So of course the debate moves on, and rightly so. Now we must consider not just if we can have the same positive impact on people’s lives by providing advice online, but also we must think about how online services might offer something entirely new. We believe that, just like telephone advice, many people will be able to get all the help they need through online services. The important thing is making sure those services are ready for those that are looking.
Our new National Debtline website provides a broad range of options for people trying to tackle their debts. For those that like to research and learn there are fact sheets and guides. For those that like a little helping hand we have My Money Steps – our interactive tool. For those that just need a nudge in the right direction we have digitised our famous self-help pack content. For those that want the help of an adviser but with total anonymity we have an email us for advice tool. And all this barely scratches the surface of the help we can now offer people online.
Please take a look around the new site and let us know what you think via the feedback tab.
Best wishes as ever,

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