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Current projects

Starting Point – Wallet Watchers Online

Wallet watchers online is a project aimed at getting the best out of young people and empowering them to help others in similar situations to them. This project will support young people who are traditionally disengaged with learning to create their own training documentation and support their peers with financial concerns. It will also create a legacy of engaging training tools for other organisations to use to help them engage with young people learning in referral units.

Stockton and District Advice and Information Service (SDAIS) - Get in Quick

Get In Quick aims to ensure that families with young children get the money advice and support they need to ensure financial stability as early as possible. This project  places a money adviser within midwives / health visitors, and social services assessment teams,who will identify and support young families in need of money advice. They will also create training and tools to help health and social care teams identify financial difficulties and ensure those in need get appropriate advice and support. 

Hyde Plus - Part of the Hyde Housing Group - BE Secure

BE secure adopts the principles of Behavioural Economics to ‘nudge’ tenants to engage more meaningfully in the advice process, and aims to reduce repossessions. The project's interventions are being tested by a partnership of 4 housing associations across the country and is being independently evaluated by the Behavioural Insights Team using randomised control trials.

Behaviour Change – Nudging by Design

Behaviour Change, with input from MAT and partner housing associations (including  Hyde Housing) will design and produce client focused tools which aim to enhance the engagement and advice process. Nudging by Design will also produce a toolkit summarising the learning from the project and allow other organisations to incorporate the principles of behaviour economics into their work.
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