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Supporting customers who discuss suicidal thoughts and behaviours

One in four frontline collections staff report that they have spoken to at least one customer they seriously believe might be at risk of suicide in the last 12 months – and yet many staff feel unsure about what do in these extremely difficult situations.

New research from the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute published in December 2018 raises important questions such as what can creditor staff can do to prevent lives being lost to suicide and what can be achieved in partnership with voluntary sector agencies, charities, and the emergency services. (Our new exclusive podcast exploring these issues can be found here).
This Money Advice Trust course, led by Andy Langford, looks at practical steps on what can be done to improve practice, whilst also supporting the mental health and wellbeing of the staff dealing with the issues, and can be tailored to your organisation.
Course outline
To give people the knowledge, skills, and confidence to support customers who discuss suicidal thoughts and behaviours. It provides practical instruction on how to identify these customers, support them within the parameters of the business context, and who to refer them to.
Who is it for?
All frontline, customer-facing staff, management, specialist teams, back office staff and relevant suppliers.
What’s covered?
  • Introduction to working with suicide and the effects of hearing about it on staff
  • Methods of working with customers who discuss suicidal thoughts and behaviours
  • How to assess the customer and identify key risk factors
  • The five components of the BLAKE acronym as a tool for dealing with suicide
  • Acting in a low to medium risk situation – how to structure a call
  • Acting in a high risk situation – contacting emergency services
  • Learning where you can get help for a customer with suicidal thoughts
  • Strategies for dealing with challenging circumstances, including customers who may resist or even refuse our help
Benefits to you:
  • Gain the skills, tools and confidence to help customers in vulnerable circumstances fairly and consistently
  • Meet your legal and regulatory responsibilities
  • Supports all parts of your business (lending, customer service, fraud, retention, collections and digital)
Training options
  • In-house: we come to you and deliver a one-day session customised for your staff. Avoiding a 'tutor talking from the front model, this instead uses a mixture of videos, interactive exercises and discussions
  • Consultancy: we can work with you to develop training, policies and principles that take your workplace practices into account
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Why choose our training? 
  • Our expertise: our training is led by senior consultants Chris Fitch and Colin Trend who created industry-wide models, including TEXAS and IDEA, to identify and support people in vulnerable circumstances. We also train the majority of the debt advice sector
  • Practical: our training is designed with your staff in mind, and the roles they occupy. It is more than just an 'awareness raising' training session as it describes how to practically respond to everyday challenges in your sector
  • Decades of experience: our training draws on the insight we’ve gained across our National Debtline and Business Debtline services that support hundreds of thousands of people yearly
  • Proceeds go to the Money Advice Trust: your money is reinvested into the Trust, and our National Debtline and Business Debtline services.
  • Up-to-date content: our courses are updated regularly with the latest research on vulnerability

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