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Welcome to the Vulnerability Matters podcasts from the Money Advice Trust. A series that examines from a range of perspectives how firms are supporting consumers in vulnerable situations.

Podcast 3: A discussion on mental health and financial services
Mental health and money can often be closely intertwined. Recognising this, the financial services sector has taken steps in recent years to improve the ways in which firms understand and address the needs of customers living with a mental health problem, including providing relevant support and help.
In our exclusive new podcast, the Money Advice Trust's Vulnerability Lead Chris Fitch asks two questions:
  • What progress has practically been made on the issue of mental health within financial services?
  • What role should firms play in both identifying and responding to the needs of customers with mental health problems?
Joining him at Lloyds Bank in London's Square mile, to debate these issues are:
  • Martin King, Head of Customer Vulnerability at Lloyds Banking Group
  • Sarah Murphy, Associate Director of Advice at Rethink Mental Illness
  • Dan Holloway, writer, a mental health commentator, a previous World Intelligence Champion
  • Dr Thomas Richardson, Principal Clinical Psychologist at Solent NHS Foundation Trust, as well as a long-time researcher on financial difficulty and mental health
January 2019
Podcast 2: A discussion about suicide prevention and financial difficulty
Our colleagues at the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute have recently published their new report on the link between financial difficulty and suicide.
The report is a significant contribution to the vulnerability debate, and raises questions such as what can creditor staff can do to prevent lives being lost to suicide, and what can be achieved in partnership with voluntary sector agencies, charities, and the emergency services.
In our exclusive recording at the Royal London Hospital, the Money Advice Trust's Vulnerability Lead Chris Fitch discusses the findings of the report and more with a panel of experts comprising:
  • Katie Evans, Head of Research and Policy at the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute
  • Gareth McNab, Money Advice Liaison Manager at Nationwide, who shares his personal experience
  • Rikke Albert, Practice Nurse at the East London Foundation Trust
December 2018
Podcast 1: Supporting customers with gambling addictions
It is estimated that between 2.5 to 4.3 million people in Britain may be affected by gambling related harm. With discussion among firms about 'gambling blocks' on customer accounts, and the Gambling Commission mooting a total ban on the use of credit cards for gambling, the sector is going through a time of great change. To explore these issues, the Trust's vulnerability lead Chris Fitch is joined at the National Problem Gambling Health Clinic by:
  • Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones, Director and Founder of the National Problem Gambling Health Clinic
  • Owen Baily, Campaigner who has lived with a gambling addiction since his 20s
  • Natalie Ledward, Vulnerable Customer Specialist at Monzo
  • Stuart McFadden, Head of Financial Difficulties at Monzo
October 2018

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