Every business faces different challenges. We have worked with many businesses on a consultancy basis to understand and address their specific needs.

Our team
For each project, we draw on a team which includes:
  • Subject matter experts in vulnerability, mental health, and creditor best practice
  • A pool of experienced trainers
  • Learning and development project managers
  • Specialists in learning design and learning technology
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What’s covered?
We have worked with previous clients to:
  • Develop a vulnerability framework, strategy or policies
  • Ensure existing policies and practices are fit for purpose
  • Identify policy and process gaps
  • Establish training needs and priorities
  • Develop and deliver courses that reflect your organisation’s needs and values
  • Embed best practice across your organisation
  • Develop tailored courses and content to address specific themes and challenges
  • Evaluate the impacts of training
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Why choose our consultancy? 
  • Our expertise: Our consultancy is led by senior consultants Chris Fitch and Colin Trend who created industry-wide models, including TEXAS and IDEA, to identify and support people in vulnerable circumstances. We also train the majority of the debt advice sector
  • Practical: Our consultancy is designed with your staff in mind, and the roles they occupy. It is more than ‘awareness raising’ training as it describes how to practically respond to everyday challenges in your sector
  • Decades of experience: Our consultancy draws on the insight we’ve gained across our National Debtline and Business Debtline services that support hundreds of thousands of people yearly
  • Proceeds go to the Money Advice Trust: Your money is reinvested into the Trust, and our National Debtline and Business Debtline services

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