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Who we work with

The Trust works with organisations across a range of sectors that play a role in the UK’s debt and credit environment.

Many organisations refer customers in financial difficulty to the free, independent and confidential advice we provide through National Debtline and Business Debtline. 
We also work with organisations to directly improve outcomes for customers in vulnerable circumstances through our training and consultancy services. 
For more information, contact the Trust’s Head of Business Development Ian Robinson on 020 7653 3321, email:, or get in touch with one of the Partnerships Managers listed below.  
Banks and building societies
We work with every high street bank in the UK as well as an increasing number of building societies, challenger banks and digital banks to support both individuals through National Debtline and small business owners through Business Debtline.
Credit card providers
In 2016, 30 percent of callers to National Debtline had credit card arrears. We work with leading credit card providers to ensure that customers who fall behind get the free advice they need.
Contact: Jess Roberts, Partnerships Manager - tel, 020 7653 3321.
Energy, water and telecoms
The UK’s debt landscape has seen a significant shift in the last ten years, with more and more people falling behind with their utilities and other household bills. As a result, we are increasingly working with companies in the energy, water and telecoms sectors.
Contact: Matt Vaughan Wilson, Partnerships Manager - tel, 0121 410 6263.
Debt collections and purchase
The debt collection and purchase industry has been through a huge cultural transformation. We work closely with the industry to share best practice and create better customer engagement. Through our National Debtline and Business Debtline advice we help more people to achieve sustainable payment arrangements.
Retail credit
We work closely with the retail credit sector to ensure that customers that need our advice and support receive this as soon as possible. Although there has been a change in the types of debt people have, in 2016, 11% of callers to National Debtline had retail credit debts.
Contact: Alex Newton, Partnerships Manager - tel, 07815 493693.
Vehicle finance and alternative lending
Alternative lending and vehicle finance is increasing significantly, and so too are the number of lenders in these sectors who are working with us to ensure customers who fall behind are aware of National Debtline. We also deliver training on vulnerability in partnership with a number of trade organisations and the Finance and Leasing Association.
Local authorities
In 2016, one in four callers to National Debtline were in arrears on their council tax – up from just 14 percent in 2007. In addition to our work to influence local government collection practices, we have provided practical support to several local authorities through our training and consultancy service.
Life, pensions, investment and insurance
Many organisations face different challenges and the financial services sector is no different, especially in relation to identifying financial difficulty and vulnerability that affects many people who may not normally be considered to be vulnerable, due to life stage or wealth. We work with organisations to understand and address their unique customer needs.
Contact: Perry Douglas, Partnerships Manager - tel, 020 7653 3321.
Training and consultancy
Across all the sectors above, and more, we offer expert training and consultancy in delivering better outcomes for customers in vulnerable circumstances. Find out more.
Ian Robinson
Head of Business Development
020 7653 3321
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