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Focused guidance and reviews

​We have the experience and team to review and guide your organisation on any specific aspect of vulnerability. This might be a single query or question, or a case or challenge that is multi-faceted.


ClockTimely input

We can help you to change practice whenever that help is required. Whether you are planning to make a change, are about to introduce a new way of working, or want to assess and evaluate on going practice, we can add value and insight.

​Experienced team

You are the experts in your own organisation. We do not seek to replace that. Instead, our team brings experience of working with more than 300 firms on vulnerability, but also their own specialist backgrounds and expertise, ranging across frontline service provision, research and data, GDPR, quality assurance, complaints, training, and compliance.
Focused guidance
We have advised more than 300 firms, and trained more than 28,000 staff, on vulnerability issues.
We have helped firms
  • Improve frontline staff on key issues
  • Re-design customer journeys for vulnerability
  • Devise vulnerability flags and data recording systems
  • Revise quality assurance and complaint processes and many other aspects of firms' business processes.
    If your organisation has a specific challenge, and needs a clear response, we can help. We can also attend, present at, or facilitate senior executive and board meetings where vulnerability is a key agenda item for discussion.
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    Case, journey, product, system reviews
    When developing a strategy or approach to consumer vulnerability, this always needs to be both customer-focused and commercially realistic. Striking this balance is not always easy.
    To achieve this, we help you apply a number of ‘lenses’ – vulnerability, compliance, and practical – to the case, product and service journeys, and system challenges that are most difficult.
    This can include:
  • Reviewing and helping calibrate responses to the most challenging customer cases
  • Helping to build customer journeys that deliver positive experiences and outcomes
  • Working with your team to inclusively design products and systems that anticipate and actively take vulnerability into account.
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