Development and change

​Whatever the objective or challenge, we can give you a foundation on which to build.

We can help you achieve your ambition in a practical, balanced, and compliant way that improves customer and business outcomes.
See below the areas where we can support you and your organisation's development:
Strategy, policy and procedure 
Your vulnerability strategy and policy are the foundation of your success, and your team are the ones who build and deliver this for you. Ensuring your procedures align to this strategy and policy are instrumental to your staff so they can support vulnerable customers effectively.
We have worked with many firms and can support you through:
  • Strategy conversations, workshops and outputs
  • Vulnerability policy and creation testing
  • Protocol and tool development
  • Alignment of policies and procedures across an organisation to ensure alignment
    We also provide tailored vulnerability training for senior managers, specialist teams, frontline staff, and non-customer facing staff via remote or in-person delivery. This can be chosen from existing modules or custom- built for your organisation.
    Vulnerability data architecture
    Data is essential in identifying and supporting customers in vulnerable situations. However, the collection, use, sharing, storage, and processing of vulnerability data can be challenging for firms.
    Our experts have written key guidance on vulnerability, data, and GDPR, and we have assisted hundreds of firms with:
  • Vulnerability flag design
  • Outcome measure development
  • GDPR and vulnerability data compliance
  • Identification and communication strategies and more...
    Importantly we ensure that firms achieve these ambitions while collecting the most relevant data for meaningful action.
    Quality assurance 
    A consistently high-quality, sensitive, and fair approach to vulnerability is key. Achieving outcomes for vulnerable customers that are as good as those for non-vulnerable customers, requires effective quality frameworks. In addition to monitoring outcomes and service delivery, quality assurance also helps to identify areas of improvement and coaching opportunities.
    We have assisted firms:
  • Align QA framework to training and policies
  • Identify relevant measures
  • Implement assurance assessments
  • Improve reporting and more...
    Our team has extensive experience in these areas, including overseeing major programmes in large financial and regulatory organisations.
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