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Training for advisers (Wiseradviser)

The Money Advice Trust offers free training for advice sector partners in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland through the wiseradviser brand.


This work is largely directed through the Trust's Wiseradviser service, which offers free training face-to-face and online for advice sector partners in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. By setting common standards and creating materials and courses, the Money Advice Trust and its partners have been at the forefront of ensuring quality and consistency of advice to people looking for free, independent help with their debt problems.

We offer three levels of training: 'generalist', 'caseworker', and 'specialist' (known as 'Type 1', 'Type 2', and 'Type 3' in Scotland, and 'generalist', 'skilled', and 'specialist' in Northern Ireland).

In 2017, nearly 4,400 advisers used the Wiseradviser website to access training and other learning resources.
97% of people who use our training agree that they have increased confidence when advising clients, and 98% agree that it has made them better at helping people with debt problems.
What support and development solutions do we offer?

Money advisers from the Trust's advice partner organisations can register on the Wiseradviser website to access a full range of support including online training, classroom based training courses, and resources such as adviser focused factsheets.

Courses include:
  • Introduction to money advice
  • Dealing with mortgage arrears
  • Insolvency learning pathway
  • Mental health
  • Pay day loans

"The Money Advice Trust's support services for thousands of frontline advice workers who work in hundreds of community based advice agencies is an absolutely vital part of the money advice landscape. With that funding we are able to help money advisers, some of whom are volunteers, keep up to date with complex and fast moving changes in legislation and debt collection policy and practice. This helps us to deliver consistent and high quality advice to clients." Gillian Guy, Chief Executive, Citizens Advice

Would you like to become a money adviser?

If you are interested in becoming a money adviser the most common way into this career is to volunteer in an advice centre.  For more information and careers advice see the Money Adviser job profile on the National Careers Service website. 

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