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Order 'How to deal with debt' guides

The Money Advice Trust’s 'How to deal with debt' guide for England and Wales offers advice so that users of the guide can tackle their debt problems and choose their debt solution. The guide is streamlined into three simple steps to dealing with debts.

  • Step 1 – Know what you’ve really got
  • Step 2 – Maximise your money
  • Step 3 – Choose your debt solution

You can order the guide online using the form below. PDF copies of all of our guides are also available to download for free.

Agencies or advisers belonging to Citizens Advice, Advice UK or the Institute of Money Advisers can order copies of the guide free of charge. For other organisations there may be a charge – please contact 0121 410 6259 or email

Please complete the order form below after estimating the number of packs you would need to cover a four month period. (If the form does not display please click here).

Orders of the new England and Wales guide are currently limited to two boxes (approx 60 copies).


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