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Community workshops

Running a workshop in your community about free debt advice

Many people in debt don’t know that free debt advice is available and instead turn to those they already know and trust – a carer, community leader or key worker for example – for help. Guiding people to free debt advice is a set of free workshop materials that aims to help these trusted people guide those in debt to free debt advice.
Anyone can facilitate the two-hour workshop. If you have a group of people who want to know what to do if someone comes to them for advice, all you need to do is find a place to hold the workshop and download the materials.
The materials include:
  • Comprehensive Facilitator Notes
  • A Workbook (each attendee will need a copy of this)
  • Five videos where experts explain any technical information and debt advice clients tell their stories
The workshop covers:
  • The causes of debt problems
  • How to respond when someone tells you they’re in debt
  • Signs that someone may need debt advice
  • Signposting or referring someone to the appropriate support
  • Helping someone prepare for advice
  • The debt advice process
To find out more about registering for access to the materials please email:
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