CASHflow-logo.pngCASHflow is a free online tool that can help people do their household budget and work out how much they can afford to repay towards their debts.

  • CASHflow helps people in debt to negotiate with their creditors themselves.
  • CASHflow increases adviser availability by freeing up more time to spend with individuals requiring a casework service.
  • CASHflow reassures creditors that people in debt have received full debt advice, and their financial statements have been reviewed by an adviser.
CASHflow uses the style and format of the Standard Financial Statement (SFS). It allows a client and adviser to agree a SFS style budget, which the client can then use to negotiate directly with their creditors. Each CASHflow SFS has a unique ID, and once it has been signed off by an adviser, will appear with the CASHflow SFS logo. This means that creditors will know that it has been checked by a trained money adviser.
Some of the key features of CASHflow
CASHflow website
The CASHflow website gives people access to the tools they need to negotiate with their creditors. It guides them through the process of drawing up a personal budget and provides access to sample letters. Advice agencies can use this website to check and approve budgets created by their clients and manage which of their clients has access. If the client wishes to do so, they can give their unique CASHflow ID to their creditors so that they can also view their CASHflow budget online.
The CASHflow guide
There are three guides providing information to support advisers, people in debt and creditors. The guide for advisers provides step-by-step instructions for using CASHflow with clients. There is also a guide for people dealing with their own debts and a guide to help creditors use CASHflow.
A recognised brand
CASHflow has an easily identifiable logo which appears on budgets approved by agencies. This tells creditors that a client has been given holistic advice on their debt options and relevant advice on maximising their income and budgeting. It confirms that the repayment offers the client is making are equivalent to those that a caseworker would make on the client’s behalf if the client were receiving casework.
The benefits of using CASHflow
The benefits of using CASHflow for people in debt, money advisers and creditors - read more.
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Find out about CASHflow resources for advice agencies.
CASHflow website
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