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Who can use CASHflow?

  • Advice agencies

  • Individuals in debt
  • Creditors and debt collections agencies

Advice agencies

CASHflow can help you empower clients and free up advisers' time to deal with clients that need intensive support and representation. Once registered to use CASHflow, you will be able to give clients access to the CASHflow web portal. Clients can use this portal to complete a financial statement in their own time, before getting it approved by an adviser. Each statement has a unique code and features the CASHflow logo once it has been approved. This gives creditors reassurance that your client has gone through a recognised money advice process and has agreed their financial statement with an adviser. CASHflow is completely free to use. The web portal also provides practical resources for both your advice agency and your clients.  
Further information about training and resources can be found here.


Individuals in debt

If you are experiencing difficulty repaying your debts, CASHflow may help you to negotiate affordable repayments with your creditors. Before you can use CASHflow, you need to contact one of the free advice agencies that offers CASHflow (for example a Citizens Advice Bureau or National Debtline). The advice agency will start by talking to you about all of the options available, and can help you to decide if CASHflow is the right one for you. 
If you decide to use CASHflow, you will be provided with all of the tools you need to be able to complete your own financial statement and negotiate offers of repayment with creditors yourself. This will enable you to stay in control of your situation, but still have support from an adviser at any stage if you need it.
Contact your local advice agency to check if they offer CASHflow.
Alternatively, call National Debtline on 0808 808 4000.

Creditors and debt collection agencies

CASHflow represents a significant partnership between major creditors, trade bodies and the free-to-client advice sector. It is recognised in The Lending Code, the Finance and Leasing Association Lending Code and the Office of Fair Trading Debt Collection Guidance. BIS and RBS have kindly funded the pilot and national launch of the scheme.
When you see the CASHflow logo on a customer’s financial statement, you can have confidence that the customer has received full independent advice and completed a recognised common financial statement with support from an agency. An offer made using CASHflow is equivalent  to an offer made by a third-party money advice agency.
For more information contact the CASHflow team.
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