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Working in partnership

The Money Advice Trust is a charity which places partnership working at the core of everything it does.

The Trust works with many organisations that have a role to play in the debt and credit environment, including

When required the Trust brings all three of these sectors together in order to find suitable ways of helping people tackle their debts and manage their money wisely. A key example of this is our work in developing the Common Financial Statement.  The Trust has a partnership board which draws upon the expertise and experience of the organisations we work with to help govern the direction of the charity’s work.



 As part of the Trust's commitment to partnership working it chairs a Partnership Board which meets twice a year.

Trade associations

The Trust works closely with a number of trade associations to help inform its work. Members of the British Bankers' Association (BBA), Building Societies Association, Credit Services Association, Energy UK and the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA) sit on the Trust's Funding Model Working Party.

The Trust has worked closely for a number of years with the BBA and FLA on developing and promoting the Common Financial Statement (CFS) and these relationships and their support has been key to the success of the CFS.

The Trust works with the following trade associations:
  • Association of British Credit Unions 
  • British Retail Consortium
  • Building Societies Association
  • Civil Enforcement Association
  • Consumer Credit Trade Association
  • Consumer Finance Association
  • Credit Services Association UK
  • Energy UK
  • Finance and Leasing Association
  • High Court Enforcement Officers Association
  • Insolvency Practitioners Association
  • R3
  • UK Finance
  • Water UK

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