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Media - how we can help

The Money Advice Trust deals with a lot of media requests.  We can offer a range of help to journalists writing, researching, recording and filming stories.


Our advice services help hundreds of thousands of people every year. We use some of the data from this to inform a wide range of organisations, such as the Bank of England, on what the latest trends in the debt and credit sectors are.

               Our research programme also provides us with useful stats on debt and credit.

               Contact our press office to find out more. 

We have a number of media trained spokespeople who can provide expert comment and analysis on a broad range of issues within the debt and credit sectors.

To arrange an interview or ask for comment, please contact our press office.

We run an extensive research programme, looking at a broad range of issues within the debt and credit sectors.

To learn more about our research click here or contact our press office.

The Trust can provide case studies on a range of issues in a range of locations. Some case studies prefer to remain anonymous when talking to the media. The chances of successfully identifying a case study depend largely on the amount of advance notice given to our press office and on the speicificity of what is required.

                If you are looking for a case study, please contact our press office.

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